For a little detach

Not beeing yourself all the time can be a lil frustrating. I can’t say that i feel this every time. But let me tell you a lil’ story about the day when i realy was mysefl, i said what i want when i want…

It was a nice day, i was not working and i decied to go grab a beer with some old friend. By the time i was in the bus, with my music and my thoughts some song, i can t realy remind what was the name but i remeber a phrase from it “i wear a mask everyday, why i dont wear me” or something like that, i remeber that it was my trigger but an subconscious one because i was not going like “ok Eduard you will say exactly what you think”. Ok, so… i meet with my friend in front of an univeristy dorm, we were looking forword to go at a uni bar, you know cheep beer, nice girls… Anyway, we get there and have a few drinks so we catch the feeling that we can t just go home so we call another friend who was recently, rented a new apartament, and ask if we can come and have some more beers at him, he said ok so we take a cab and go at him. Me and my friend Victor arivved at Stephan(the guy with the rent) we managed to buy a bottle of liquer(bad ideea, we shold stick to beer)… “”well i have to go, i will finish this tomorow””

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