Why so fast?

Stop! Stop it now…

Give me your atention now. Breath!

Slow in, slow out!

Lay down, look around! You are alive!

Please, don’t forget that, just look out

The fortune that you are spending,

Be aware, youth it’s once!

Reckless man, don’t be blind, fuck the daily stress… let him go straight to hell!

Kiss somone, hug someone!

Hell it’s not when you die!

Hell is us…

Hell is us when spending youth reckless.

Tell me boy, girl, man, woman… are your fortune forever? You can make money, houses, cars, THINGS!

But tell me now… how you make time? How you win it? How you colect it?

Oh you little kido… time is time…

We can’t colect it!

We can’t win it anymore,

We win it once!

Just be happy, make it worth! Spend it with joy on your face. Just smile when you wake up!

Smile you little kido!

But in few hours you will die

Yes i will, but with a smile!

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