The Artist


Chapter I – page 1

Here, in my town, more like a village with some towers, you can stay and live peacefully, with your wife, kids, grandparents… you can get a nice job, live, procreate and die. But this wasn’t for me, I don t say that I didn’t like my town, I love it, here I drank my first beer, been with my first girlfriend, make a lot of memories, have a lot of friends, you know. I just need to try something new, just to taste what a big city is.

So, me and my good mate Jack decided to make a big step and go to the law University. Let me tell you few about Jack, he is my best pal, I meet him in the early days that me and my parents moved in this city, I was five or six years old, he live across the street and we meet by time I was helping my parents to move some stuff by the truck, he offered to help me, after that we take my toys and play in my front yard, that’s by short our meet story. We stayed friends, we’ve been in the same classroom by the time I was 6 till today.

 So here we are at the final year, our graduation party, with all of ours palls contemplating, after a few drinks, about how short was this school, about how we should get some jobs, marry and stuff like that. Jake and I didn’t manage to tell them that we are going to law school together, so we decided to tell them that night, we were pleased by their support and encouragement.

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3 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Wow I really love this story. This story is so fantastic, lovely and succulent as fruit juice I take in everyday. Keep it up, a very nice work done. The story is soo splendid and understandable to read and enjoy it. I am now feeling luculent when I read this story.


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