The Artist


Chapter 1 – Page 2

That’s the short story about how me and Jack managed to get in the law university. The summer have pasted, we said goodbye to our fella and get in the train with all of our stuff, clothes, laptop, guitars. Five hours of train trip, yeah… we were the end of the train line so we had plenty of room in train, we chose our seats, put our stuff together and that it was. By the time our train was stopping at station more and more teens are getting in, the environment became more fun, there were a group of 8 in the back of the train, they were drinking some beer, have a guitar, they were singing.

  • This will be rly fun, Jack, don t you think?

J – Yeah, wait a minute, him in the back with the guitar is not Bill?

  • Bill? Yeah, oh man, is he, let s go and say hi!

    J  – Bill! Bill! How are you mate?

  B- Hey guys, glad to meet you, what are you doing, where are you guys going?

  • We are going to Law University! Where are you going?

B – Are you kidding me? I get in there too. Oh guys this will be awesome!

There in the back, was a dark haired girl, with some bright blue eyes… damn, i guess this will be my first crush and I m not even in the Uni.

B – Let me introduce you guys to my friends. Guys this is Jack and Mase!

M and J- Hi nice to meet you all! I won t say about their names cause I barely can remember, it was way to much beer and way to much road… if you understand! So here we are, me and Jack in our dorms, unpacking…

J – So… I saw you and Lorelay ,, Lorelay is the dark haired girl,, talking in the train, what s up, you little Casanova!

M – Yeah… I was, she s nice mate, I guess I found my first crush

J  – keep yourself it s our first year, you know what I mean.

M- I know. SHIT!

J – What?

M- I remembered that I told her I like to paint, I will go with her at this after class painting something…

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