The Artist


Chapter 1 – page 3

J – Good job mate, already loosing some wild party… but a man have to do what a man have do to… you get it!

M – yeah, I will get it (we were both laughing)

It was Sunday morning, I was in front of our dorm drinking a coffee and smoking a cigar and I saw Lorelay crossing by!

M- Hey! Lorelay!

L- Oh! Hi Mase, what are you doing?

M – Nothing, a coffee. Where are you going?

L- I go to our painting classroom, I need to see how it is! Do you want to come with me?

M- Yes. Just wait to finish my smoke. So, i have to ask you about that.

L – Sure, go ahead!

M- Why did you chose law if you like to paint…

L- Oh, it s just a passion, I can t see my self making money out of it. It’s just something that help me to express my self with.

M- I understand. ( Maybe it won t be so bad if I will develop a hobby)

L – Are you done?

M – Yeah, let’s go, you know where it is?

L – yeah, it s in the main building.

M- Ok!

Here we are, in the main building looking for the room. It was a big building with lots of windows very bright, with a lot of pictures, I guess they were some builders of this and people who absolve it! By the time we were searching for the room I was more and more enchanted by her beauty, her voice, her moves… I guess this will be a hard crush, I didn’t think about myself that I could fall for someone like that. But the time will say what it will be between us.

L – Look, here it is!

M – Mis. Golthin… I guess she will be our teacher!…

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