The Artist


Chapter 1 – page 4

The classroom was open so we step in. It was a big room, with a lot of light in it, all painting stuffs were very well arranged I felt like in a museum, like a kid in a museum… I wanted to touch everything from there. I didn’t think about painting one second in my life.

I was looking at Lorelay, she was enchanted by a picture with one lady who has a sword in her hand and a hugging a baby… maybe her maternal instincts spikes in.

M        – You have full 10 minutes standing in front of this picture!

L          – Shhhh! Just pay more attention and you will understand me!

M        -Ok…

Ok, it was not just that, in back of that woman, painted in shades were some figures, all they make me think of was, depression, anxiety, screams… ok, this picture maybe hit me to hard… oh, in the sword tip was a sun, maybe it’s all about how hard it’s for a mother, maybe a single mother to raise a kid… maybe!

By the time she was still watching that picture I found out one that catch my attention too. Was in the back of the class, it was a painting of a woman with a red dress, with white hair, blue eyes and a knife in her hand, she was laying on a piano, and the piano was in ballroom i think. But she was smiling… that smile, kind cute but something gives me chills about it! I take it in my hands and turn it around it was a name on it’s back Hennry Schol… was erased. Ok, I put I back to his place and continue to watch it, I saw something intriguing.

M        – Lorelay! Lorelay!

L          -Yes!

M        -Come here, please!

L          -Yes! What?

M        – Look at this picture!

L          – Ok, I’m looking! What’s about it?

M        – Look closer!

L          – I didn’t catch it!

M        -Look at the colors!

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