The Artist


Chapter 1 – page 5

L          -Nothing new…

M        – Look at the knife… look at the blood on and under it!

L          -Yeah… it have to be some oil color, something new!

M        -Yeah, maybe, but it’s really a living color. Maybe we will learn how to do it too!

L          -Ihm! I saw a lot of interesting thing here!

We hang out there for another 30 minutes and we leave! And we go to our dorms. Once I get in my room Jack was there it Bill and talk about a party that the seniors take tonight!

J          – But we are not invited so…

B         – It’s not a problem I knew a few guys there and we can go! Trust me! What you think Mase? Are you coming!

M        – Of course! But can I invite someone?

B         -Let me guess, Lorelay!

M        -Yeah, it’s ok?

B         -Yes, do you have her number?

M        -Fuck, I forget to ask for it!

B         -Let me give it to you, give me your phone!

M        -Thank you!

B         -Go, call it, don’t let her to make another plans!

M        -I call her now! Hi, Lorelay, It’s me Mase!

L          -Hi Mase, I didn’t remember to give you my number? Who gave it to you?

M        -Bill!

L          -Okay. What’s up?

M        -Nothing. Bill tell me about a senior party and I was thinking if you want to come!

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