The Artist

Chapter 1 – Page 6

L          -Hmmmm… can my friend Sarah come too?

M        -Yes, no problem.

L          -Good, when?

M        – Bill! The hour?

B         – 9 PM!

M        -Around 9 PM!

L          -Okay, are you coming to take me, ok?

M        -Okay!

L          -Come around 8, help me chose what to wear!

M        -No problem! Bye!

L          -Bye!

J          -What she said?

M        -She said yes, but she will come with a friend, Sarah!

B         -Good, I like Sarah!

M        -Yes, I go at her room at 8 to help her chose clothes…

J          -Yeah  ,,CHOSE,, nice nice!

We were all laughing! After a few minutes Bill go in his room! And I put myself to sleep for a few hours! I woke up at 4 PM and in my head was just Lorelay and her invitation to her room! I will get it I know that! It’s just 4, more 4 hours I can’t wait, what to do what do… I go and eat something after that I go out of my room, take a coffee and a cigarette! By the time I was smoking, in my thoughts appeared that picture I saw in the painting room, and for a couple of minutes i was stuck on it! I don’t know why, it was something, that color really fascinated me, and make me mystified about how alive was that color… and why not the school didn’t sell it? I don’t remember to see that kind of color anywhere. I came back to my room and start search for that color, I was in need to satisfy  my curiosity, by the time I was searching I saw that it was 6.30 PM and I end my search, I found nothing today, I will ask Mis. Golthin about the picture. Ok, I have to go to Lorelay in few time, i have to eat something and take a shower, Jack is still out of room, where is this guy?

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