The Artist


Chapter 1 – Page 7

I don’t know… he must be with Bill. Mhm, I have to go to lorelay’s room. I knocked at her door and she opened it, she was wearing just a large shirt… I already make movies in my head.

L          – C’mon step in, why you stay like that? You don’t like my shirt?

She was saying that with a sexy voice, she was trying to mess with my head, and it’s working my heart already stared to beat faster!

M        -I like it! But you have something more?

L          -Do you want to see more or what?

M        -I was just making conversation!

We both laugh. She hand me a bottle of red wine…

L          -Open it, I don’t know what kind of drinks will be at party and I prefer to do my homework at home.

M        -Give me the opener!

I think she planned this, the opener was in the highest place from the closet! When she stretched after him, her shirt goes all the way up and I saw that she was not wearing any underwear… I know she planned this.

L          -Help, don’t you see I can’t reach it?

She know by the beginning she won’t reach it… this girl really like to mess with me, but ok, I will go with her play.

M        -Step aside…

L          -No, get over me and reach it, be a man!

By the time I was going for the opener I can feel how she touch and grab my cock, in time she was pushing against me… I stayed a little longer to see where she will go…

L          -C’mon, are don’t find it?

M        -I find it, did you find what you wanted?

L          -Mhm…

I took the opener and opened the bottle, I pour 2 glasses of and we start to drink, we don’t discuss about what happened when reaching the opener, we discus about nothing, was more an eye to eye connection…

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