The Artist


Chapter 1 – page 8

L          -Ok, I finish mine… let me pour you another one in the time I chose what to wear!

M        -Fine!

She hand me the gals and open the wardrobe she take out few clothes… and she drop of her shirt, she stays naked with the back to me…

M        -Aren’t you going in the bathroom?

L          -You don’t like what you see?

M        -I really like!

And I was really in loved with what I see, she has a perfect round ass, her slim waist and her slowly moves… she was doing that on a purpose, she was letting me to see her boobs but just a little… in room was just a red light left open I was seeing her more in shadows.

L          -Come closer!

I came closer to her, my heart beats faster… I know what will happen!

L          -Grab my waist and pull me closer to you!

By the time I touched her waist and I pull her closer to me she makes a little moan…

M        -Was to hard?

L          -No, kiss my neck please!

Ok, I stared kissing her… she was smelling like vanilla, how did she know I like this? I start to move my hand on her belly, her skin was so soft and she was slowly moving in my arms and with one hand she was pulling me harder in her…

L          -Bite me slowly, sir!

After the first bite she  starts moaning really hard and push harder in me, I grab her boobs, and start playing with her nipples… she turn around and started to kiss me hard!

L          -Grab my ass and squeeze it hard, give me some slaps! She stared to moan much harder, she started to sweat, she was pulling my hair and make go down on her boobs and I started to suck and softly bite them!

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