The Artist


Chapter 1 – Page 9

She was already shaking, I almost was shaking too… I was full of impatience! I felt like I can’t resist anymore on this teasing!

She tore my shirt down… and start pushing in my chest with her boobs… and keep saying slap my ass!

L          -Harder Mase, be a man! Take my harder!

I took her in my arms, and put her on the table and lay her on her back and start to kiss her boobs and grab her legs, I started to kiss her belly, round and round and round!

L          -You like to tease, don’t you?

M        -We both like this… don’t we?

She didn’t let me go down on her… she push me on her bed and she got on hers knees and start to kiss my chest!

L          -I’m in charge in this room!

M        -Be careful, you may lose control

L          -Maybe I will!

By the time she was kissing my chest with one hand she was unzipping my jeans!

M        -Are you having fun?

L          -Mhm…

She started to go down and up, down and up on me… she was teasing me so hard, this will be really good! She came up on me and stared to kiss me and whisper in my ear!

L          -Do you want me?

M        -Yeah!

L          -How hard!

M        -You already felt how hard I want you.

She goes again on her knees and started to kiss my chest and go down and more down! She was kissing me at the edge of my jeans and pull them down!

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