The Artist


Chapter 1 – Page 10

 She wakes up on her legs, handed me the glass of wine!

L          -Ok, you can finish this by the time I’m getting ready!

She goes in the bathroom with her clothes and I was poker face… I was mute for a few minutes… what just happened… when she goes up she smiled at me, with that sexy smile and she winked at me! This girl really like to play with me, she drived me really crazy. I put myself another glass if wine and fired up a cigarette and go to the window… i was sweating and my legs were shaking a little bit! I was a little frustrated but more elated, i did not ever meet a girl how can give me this kind of feeling! I hope i will not fell in love with her becuse i’m sure she will make anyting from me…

L          – Okay, I’m ready!

M        -You look gorgeous!

L          -Thank you…

Maybe she want to avoid what just happen? I should stay in this game and act cool. I will say nothing about this too… this girl how seems simple at the beginning became now more complex in her being. Hmmm, maybe she like me, maybe I am just a game for her. I think I should be careful and don’t fall for her. But anyway I will enjoy this kind of game, she look pretty smart anyway so in conclusion this will be a nice and exiting game of maybe love, maybe just sex. I really can’t say what it is. But it’s just the beginning of the story I should make some strategies too, if she is fire I will be the ice for her.

L          -Sarah is downstairs waiting for us, let’s go!

M        -Let me call Jack! … Jack, hi! Where are you?

J          -In our room with Bill, having a drink before the party, come have one with us? Or are you having some business?

M        -No, I’m good! I will come with Lorely and Sarah!

J          -Fine! Mase!

M        -Uh?

J          -Buy me a pack of cigarettes, okay?

M        -Fine! …Let’s get Sarah and go to my room, there is Bill and Jack!

L          -Fine!

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