The Artist

Chapter 1 – page 11

M        -Jack, think it fast!

J          -Thanks! Hey girls, how are you? Ready for party?

S          -Yeah, maybe will not be something with drunks guys trying to get on us! I hate this kind of parties, I just want to have fun, it’s my first Uni party, I won’t get fucked by the first day!

L          -I think you take drinks a little early!

S          -Maybe… but I really mean what I say, I really need to have some fun! I was working all my summer to buy me a car!

B         -Did you buy that car?

S          -Yeah…

Jack was filling some glasses and serve all of us…

L          -Oh I don’t think it’s good, I already have one glass of wine, I’m not much of a drinker

J          -C’mon, just this with us, we have to cheer up our first party, don’t jinx it!

L          -Okay, okay, just one!

B         -So, Sarah, if you have that car maybe we can do some trips too!

S          -Of course, that’s was the idea of buying it, to ride your lazy ass!

We are all laughing and cheating and pouring shots after shots! Maybe Lorelay refused to drink the first glass, but maybe she catch the taste and starts doing shots like us… maybe it’s not a good think but I start feeling dizzy too! And that dizziness make me look more at Sarah than Lorelay, maybe because Sarah it’s more talkative but Lorelay have her charm, her mystery… let’s see how this night will and.

B         -Let’s go, the party already begun!

J          -Oho, we already have our academic quarter!

B         -Yes, it’s the time were the party starts going lit!

M        -It’s far? We should take a cab?

B         -Yep I already called for one should be here in few minutes!

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