Pop music toxic?

I remember that i was with some friends and drinking some beer and we start talking about the toxicity in the pop music nowadays, i mean what some singers are promoting! They are promoting toxic relationships, they are promoting that in a relationship must be drama, the fking drama, that shit will ruin everything! But of course you can t make money and views with some real life! I mean, if they will sing about how really is a relationship there will be 2 people asking a lot if they want to eat and what to eat! This is a relationship, not a lot of drama! Because of those singers a lot of people that are in a healthy relationship start to think if maybe this is right, start to think that they r relation is not ok, it s not like in the media, there is no drama there is no love! Wake up people, in a relationship drama is a shit, we don t need it! Stop using your energy on making drama. Those are just some of my thoughts! Have a nice day!


Eduard Andrei

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