Hmm… about a vegan, a vegan diet! Ok, first let me explain you what is a vegan! A person how decide to be a vegan will not allow animal-derived ingredients in his meal like eggs, milk or dairy products not even withe sugar because in some places they use animals in the process! Okay, now we kinda know what a vegan eat!

Health and proprieties of choosing a vegan diet

Beside the fact that this diet it s full of antioxidants, antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of the molecules, the most known antioxidant is vitamin C. This diet provides lots flavonoids that regulate cellular activity and fight off free radicals that cause oxidative stress on your body, also provide beta-carotene and lots of nutrient! I know a lot of people that said, okay, you are vegan but how do you take your protein? There lots of plant that are full in protein like quinoa and chickpea (in my opinion chickpea it s delicious, i can t live without it in my vegan diet).

There are lost of sport figure that use a plant based diet like Kendrick Farris and Nate diaz and the list can continue.

Vegan diet and loosing weight!!!!!

Losing weight is something that you will achieve and will be easy! For me was easy, but was easy because i was very motivated even if it was hard to make my meals, because i made the research by myself and for some months i was in a dry and not tasty diet, after my research was done and i achieve the knowledge of how to make your food better it was a pleasure! But there is a shortcut for you, here you can find a guide about veganism and a vegan plan diet and anything you want to know. It s okay you can do your own research. But trust me, researching by yourself will be a nightmare, there are a lots of sites and blogs with the same information! So, trust me, spare few bucks on this vegan plan and start your journey with all the information you need! Or if you know someone who want this, i mean who want to start a vegan diet or try or maybe is a little curiosity give this guide like a gift!

Environment and how you help

If we give a little search on google we will see how much land and resources are used in the meat industry! And how much pollution it s there. Anyway if you just wanna try it or maybe you really want to change your lifestyle, you will help in a small portion the environment, thumbs up for you, you little earth saver!

In conclusion this is my opinion about veganism, i tried it and i like it, and i use it few months a year and i fell very good.

And if you want to make your journey more easy you can buy this guide from here, cheers!

P.s… If you want to know about keto there is one of my articles! Enjoy and thank you for time!

Eduard Andrei

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