What i fell about fashion nowadays, i fell that it s crap, my opinion that s all! Maybe i can t understand, maybe i have a problem but i don t think that i have a problem! Be serious, what i see on catwalks it s not okay, if this is fashion i m an astronaut!

Is this a thing? Is this fashion? Is this what people want? Or it s just a scam to wash money? And they are saying, nooooo… you don t understand, this need an artist eyes to understand! Understand WHAT? Understand that there are millions of dollar wasted on this? Really? Is this art? I did not watch tv for almost 6 years, i am sick of what television is nowadays, but sometimes when i am at some hotel and there is a cable tv i watch it! And what i saw? I saw exactly a fashion show that made me laugh, but was a sad laugh. I saw those girls that… that… i can t find my words about them, it s the limit of a human being. The lack of self awareness was huge, some of them i think they don t know what this term is! And for what? Tell me fashion artist for what? When i say fashion artist i don t mean those artist that really do something nice, something harmonious but unfortunately they are not showing on big stages! On big stages stays just that money washers, and i say it again, it s just my opinion, it s my blog and i can write anything i want.

In some big lines, my problem with the nowadays fashion is that they are screaming for attention, exact this is and you can t say it s not! And i can t stand anymore for this screaming for attention i had fight with peoples about this. I was asking them about why they are wearing this unusual clothes when they are going out, and their response was this define me, this is me, this is what i like, but every 2 months after some new trendy cloths by a very known designer are out, they are changing this style… the definition of me is a real quick changer! It s not that a problem, ok, you said that it define you, but how it define you if you don t add something from you? You can t say to me that a fashion designer it s perfectly match anytime with yourself! It s just about screaming for attention! Because i never saw a fashionista with a high IQ. Because, in my opinion if you are smart enough to really know what is worth in life you wont scream for attention, you will know how to live you life! The intelligence is quiet and low profile but the folly is screaming, they want attention they crave it!

Let me know if you think like me! Thank you for time!

Eduard Andrei

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