Gambling, Roshtein and Christmas

Hi everyone, in this article i want to talk about something that i see for the first time! It all happens on the streaming platform named Twitch, may you know what it is about, if not, let me explain you in big line.


The twitch platform is the place were lot s of gamers are streaming their favorite games and interact with the public! There is a large variety of content, games like LoL, Dota, Fifa and many many other names! Here we can find streamers that are playing slots machine too! Now that i described the twitch platform in very big lines let me tell you about ROSHETIN and what made me to write about this on my blog!


This is his sign, nice nice gold sign, like him, he is gold for the casino streaming category! I remember that i read somewhere ,,Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Roshtein is a core member of today’s casino streaming elite and a household name in the industry,, and it s truth my man, it is the truth! I’ve been following him for a while and i liked every stream that he made every time there is a nice energy even when he lose and even more beautiful energy when he win.

But maybe you ask, ok, how is this dealing with Christmas? The next chapter will reveal the connection!


Ok, this guy, Roshtein decided to be santa for his followers and managed to make some sort of calendar on one slot, he made some borders over the game, and every element have it s own border, Did you picture it? Let me continue, each border have a number and that number is one date, like first border was 01.12 and the second is 02.12 and the third… you get it! He made a win board, every 3 special symbols have a prize, the rare is the symbol the bigger is the prize. And he will play this every one day, for today will play with the border with 03 because it s 03.12 and tomorrow will play for the border with the 4 respectively the 04.12 date! I hope that you get it, if you not, you are free to go to his twitch channel, he stream every day and you will see and trust me, stay!

I really like what he does because he is doing this for free, it s doing this with his own money, he worked for that calendar and to be serious, he is the first streamer that i know doing such thing, i don t mean giveaways, i mean that interactive calendar, and more than that, with his own money, not sponsorships or thing like that! I hope that more streamers will go on with his idea. It s magic that a streamer is doing that much work for his community and i can say that i am a fan of him and i respect all his work. Thank you for your time, and if you share this idea with me leave me a comment and let more people now about this, any share will be a bless! Happy holidays to everyone!


Eduard Andrei

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