Flex and frustration?


I’m alone? Or there are lots of people who think like me? Or I just fell frustrated because i can’t be in line with everyone! There is a growing flex, how to say it… religion maybe? It s like, oh mighty supreme or apple or instagram make me, your little sheep, to look rich even i m not more than average maybe less than average, intellectually speaking, don t be offended you little flexer, you know that you scream for attention, we all know, i m the one who is offended by you, and i know i should don t give a shit about this flexers out there. But it started to affect my life and make me feel anxious and i really don t understand why. They are like… how too say it, the garbage you see but it don t bother you? Maybe like that that… like a bottle in your room that it s empty but it s not bothering you, that s fine, but when there are 20 bottle you have to get rid of them.


There is no problem about buying stuff, there is no problem having them, showing them, but when you afford it 2-3 times mate, don t work your ass of and buy something that is more then your monthly income, and bragging and flexing on the internet or the streets and you live, at 24 years old, with you parents… man, that s sad.

I m not poor, for people how will say ,, yes, you don t have money and that s why you feel frustrated,, i’m not poor i have more than the medium income in my country, i have my own apartment and my own stuff in my 20′. Ok, we settle this up, and have the conclusion that my frustration don t come from the reason that i have no money. But here is the center of it?

The center of is, i guess, is that there are more and more and more every day and those ,bottles, start bothering me. The internet is not fun anymore, cloths lines are over them and making ,,styleish,, and eye catcher cloths and i have to lose more time when buying clothes because i don t find my style, there are no more simple stuff to buy. Why? That s one reason of my frustration!

Changing in thinking mode

There is a major problem from my point of view! There is a change in mindset and it s not a good change! I say it again, it s my point of view! There are a lot of bad changes first is the independency and will to work, to work at yourself in the growing mode, there are lots of people that i know and staying in their parents house, and this is not o problem if you are studying or trying to save money for you own place, but to stay at your parents and doing nothing, only thinking about how to get rich faster or look rich and consume parents money, it s not good and the big problem is that there are lot s of men doing this, not men ,,mamas big boy, i know it s sound a little bit sexist but i think that a man have the one how take the initiative on making a family! I don t see any more initiative on working to make money, only to have more followers on instagram, INFLUENCER, that s what all attention screamers say they are, poor little fellas!

But what i have the most, is that this thing come closer to me, and closer and closer, i get rid of lots of people because this shitty mindset, they were dragging me down with them. I can t have a good beer conversation, like we all like, because off all this flexing, the latest phones, expensive clothes but no money for a trip or beer or sports or anything, but the phone, the cloths.

I will stop here, i can write 100 article about this flexing mode because it is really a problem, but i won t because i don t feel like this article will hit where i want. But it s ok, i feel good that i write it, i had to put i down somewhere. If think like me, give me a share and a comment! Thank you for your time!

Eduard Andrei

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