How to make money on internet?


Ok, here we go, how to make money on internet? This is a good question, but from my point of view it s a wrong one! You can t just make money on the internet, and trust me, i do a lot of research and fail many many times, because i put the exact same question HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON INTERNET? The real question is how to grow money on internet, making money here it s not very easy, it s about how much time you spend in it and how much research you are doing on it, but the must important thing is the persistency, you can t make money in one month, i mean real money, maybe you can do 10-20-50 dollars in one month if you find a niche or something, or if you gambling online (but this will make you just lose, my opinion) here is a gambling streamer that was a nice giveaway too. Anyway, did you understand what question is the right one, yes?


How to grow money on internet?

Ok, now you have the good question! And i will answer you with some examples. Depends what you want to do, you want to start like an affiliate and make money from commission? That s not that hard, you can make an affiliate account on clickbank and make posts like this ! And make a pinterest account and a facebook page, you grow them and put what you are selling there, you will be making money in 3-4 months if you are there daily and make post, and write and anything you need to make people come and buy from you. This is a nice mode to make money on internet and if you have niche this will be great because you will now what people to point at!

Making money by blogging, this is quite hard i say, or is easy for you if have a natural talent on writing! About blogging… you can make money out of it from ads, but you have to drive traffic on it, you will also use facebook or instagram to boost it. And you have to learn a little bit of seo for your blog, it s not that hard. A lot of bloggers says that you need around 6 months to make real money out of your blog, and they are right, because you need to post, to drive traffic, you need to grow. And to be serious, 6 months of persistent working it s not that hard… you should see it like a hobby, that s how i do! I don t just post affiliate products, i post what i think about stuff, like this article or what i don t like about people like this article! So, in my opinion making money out of the blogging or the affiliate is not that hard, it s a matter of time and persistent work.


Making money on internet from selling stuffs

I’m not talking here about dropshipping because i don t know about it, i did not do it and don t know anybody doing this. But i know some people that have their online shops and selling their DIY (Do it yourself) things, handmade things! Trust me, there is a large number of people who likes handmade things, i m the one of them, i just like unique! If you are a crafter and you like to make handmade things or it is a hobby that you never thing that will make you money, it s time to change that. In this article i have a guide that will help you, it s wood working guide, that helped a lot of people to make money from their hobby! Or maybe you like to draw? You saw that street artist that are making pencil figures? Or pencil portraits? You can do it yourself here, on the internet and make money out of it! How? That s easy!

I will give you this free, this how to make money on internet idea! I hate myself that i don t have any talent in drawing, because you can make nice money out of it. If you have a talent in it or you like it, go to internet and search from some courses about drawing, there are lot s of it, or if you like, you can buy this and nobody complained about it! After you bayed you course you can start making money on internet, on instagram or facebook to be more specific. You just make a business page, where you put some of your work, you will need a cv, that is why that guide i gave you link about is good and will help you. And after you make your page, you post daily, tell people about what you do, contact some big pages and make some free drawing for them and they will post you work on their page and people will know about you and you will start taking commands and money! This, in my opinion is a nice money making idea, because is easy if you like you like to draw, and if your page goes up you will start making money on ads and so on.

Here are some of how to make money on internet tips from me, if you like it please give me a share and a comment! Thank you for you time and good luck on making money!


Eduard Andrei

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