Comedy SHOT #1

Zoo is searching for a new zoophile!!

An famous zoo from Europe is trying to search for another zoophile after their has been eaten by a jealous lioness, their newspaper front page title was ,, There been a love crime,, also the police said that the lioness can t be accused for murder because she did what her instinct said. The head chef director of Animal behavior science said ,, It is really a mess what was going there, i knew that will happen and i warned them, that lioness was a strong and independent lion woman, they did not listen me, i don t want to say more,, – that was all the chef director had to said about that! One of the local newspaper journalist named Frederick J.K said – ,, I think the head chef had an adventure with the lioness and this could be the premise of the murder, but they managed to cover it in a jealousy crime,,!


The zoo’s director, Mikel Doglover said ,, It was not our mistake, we need the zoophile to keep company to our lonely animals like was that lioness. And it s not even for all the animals we are having, some of had their inmates with them, one elephant has a bagger that manage to jump the fence and sleep with him in the hut. Our zoophile have to listen to our animals, give them massages and cuddle with them, if those thing are going places we are not gonna stop them but it s their choice and they have to assume the danger. Our zoophile job is not about having sex with animals but if they manage to start a relationship it s on their own choice,, That was what director had to say.


I talk with a former zoophile form zoo, Joe Chimphand – ,, I remember my first days as a zoophile at that zoo, i mean, there were just few days 7 or 8 i can t remember, because after i meet Kamile i get married and my life is the best. There was a nice atmosphere, good stuff, fluffy animals, is Karen still there? I loved that sheep say mbeeheeee to her… oh where i was, yes, it s a nice place to work, i loved all the animals down there, except the hyenas, you know… they try to bite you as a joke, scratch you as a joke, laugh about your dick size not as a joke… but overall there is a nice place to work as a zoophile” – That was Joe and his monkey wife Kamile!

This a pamphlet and treat it like that. Let s laugh a little bit!

Eduard Andrei

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