How do I accept?


How do you accept yourself?

That is a good question and i put it to myself many many times. But the how do you accept yourself question has 2 pieces in his answer.

First piece is what I have to accept at myself, is about the environment that I am in? Maybe you are not in the flexer generation, here is something that I write about , and if is that why you can t accept yourself there is no problem about accepting, is that you don t belong in that social friendship or media or network or anything, it s just not your style it s not waring you to be flexer, and you don t have to understand them, you just have to move on and find your right group, trust me I been there and leaved that group and now I m happier than anytime.

If it s not the environment, it s a little bit harder because you have to observe yourself and see what are you missing, do you want something and you feel like when it that happen your life will be good and that s the point where you gonna accept yourself? If it is that, my friend, you have to wait, you have to work.

The second piece, after you searched in yourself about what s missing is to learn to have patience, the patience is the key of everything. Nothing was build in a day, no business man have made millions in one day or week.



This was the hardest thing to me to accept it too. That is answer of how do I accept myself, trust me, I had lot s of problem with accepting myself, I’ve almost been in depression, or I was… I was not going out, parties, I was not seeing with friends, because I didn’t like myself. I had no patience to do things that really take time, like losing weight I was struggling a week and see no result and stop and gain weight again, starting to like me less and less. But now, now I have patience, I accept that it will be some work months to achieve what I want ( BTW if you are in my situations, have you tried some keto? Or vegetarian diet? Click on them and see my article about).

My trick, what worked for me, when I start something I don t think about the outcome, I work for it but I don t think about it, I think about the process, day to day until it is something that make part of my life. Thinking just about the outcome it will make you lose it at some point, because you won t see results everyday in everything you want to do.


Accept how you are!

Accept how you are, this is everyone says, don t bother about your weight, don t bother about your cloths or thing like that. It 50% true, if you are obese with no medical condition that s not good, that s not acceptable, you can t blame the community if they are making fun of you (AND NO THIS IS NOT BODY SHAMING) everyone can be fit, being fat it is decision (if no medical records are involved) or about your cloths I mean, you can t go dirty and stinky outside and blame people why they don t stay with you or like you, hygiene is very important. I know it sounds tough, but this is life, life is tough for everyone and we have to face it, face it all the way and working on ourselves. I learn this in the hard way, I lose years until I understand the answer of how do I accept myself.

Start working now, have patience and be consistent, work for outcome but think and live the process…

Thank you for your time, leave me comments if you like and help me with a share, have a nice life!

Eduard Andrei

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