Comedy SHOT #2

Pigs as sea fruits

One family from Oklahoma raised their pig in the house bathtub and decide to sell sausages made of him as sea food! He is already famous in his town, lot s of people said that this kind of sea food is even better than lobster! Mike MTL the local meat seller said ,, Yeah, i had a bite of this meat and it is delicious but it s very very expensive i don t think he will stay on the market, by the way i buy used bathtub s,, . Indeed, lot s of people said that the meat it s a bit expensive. Pavel Bkn said to our journalist – ,, People, you don t event know how hard is to take a shower with the pig behind you, even shitting is difficult because you can t know what is going in the pigs mind. It easy to raise a pig outside, but trust me, raising in your bathtub is a real challenge! ,, Our journalist using his journalistic feel said to our director that Pavel Bkn was really upset and happy in the same time, out journalist was intrigued about this and wanted to find what was that, after 3 days of hard searching in all the bars from the town and spending 5k dollars of company money (Fuck you Jamson, our department won t have weekend parties for a long time) find that Pavel Bkn’s wife had an romantic adventure with the pig, that s can be a reason why lot s of people said that they desire ,,dirty sex,, after eating those sausages.

This a pamphlet and treat it like that. Let s laugh a little bit!

Eduard Andrei

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