Comedy SHOT #3

Problem in Christmas tree selling points

Lot s of stores are struggling with the vegans. Here are lot s of problems with them, in the first place they seem to be normal costumer but coming in to buy a tree for their hoses, the problem appear when they start to devour the trees, some smarties from them are telling that they just taste some to be sure they are fresh but after 2-3 test they enter in rage mode and start devour it.


Our journalist talked with one of the managers, Theodor Pinalphabet – ,,I am desperate, they are eating all of my trees, they leave us with some sticks, how can I sold sticks like Christmas tree? We even hire some guards to seek after vegans, they are looking for lack of energy and pale skin color! The real problem is with the big vegan family, they are lot s and send their children to taste all the trees, because they are small and have little more energy than the grow one, after they find the fresh and healthy tree all the family with their low energy ,,rush,, to it and devour it, you don t want to see that scene!!!! They don t care about children anymore they are like beast, one of our guardian lost a finger and a shovel trying to get rid of them,, – this is all what the manager can say to us, because he need to fight with the vegans coming trough!

To have no more problems with vegans managers put some piles of grass in front of their shops and vegans are throwing greedy on it and the christmas tree are saved and can be bought by normal people!

This a pamphlet and treat it like that. Let s laugh a little bit!

Eduard Andrei

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