How to invest!

How to invest with little money


Hello there, I know that you are reading this because you are in the same position I was a few time ago. I was searching how to invest with a little founds i mean 100$ monthly, that s where is started, oh and little time. I was thinking that only rich people can invest and make real money from it. But the truth is not that, they can make money quickly that s their only advantage.

Let me describe myself and my strategy, I m a young lad how want, like many of us to make real money, to buy a nice a house, car etc… but I don t make, i have a medium job with more than average paycheck, i used to live on it paycheck to paycheck, I mean, I m still doing this living paycheck to paycheck but I changed my mind set about money and making more and more. I can t rush, rushing is not very good to me because I m still learning this and that and I don t have a safety deposit, to risk all my money and if I fail I can still be on my feet. So I don t have trust in easy money and ,,became rich in one month” ideas!


My strategy of how to invest!

So, here I am, managing my money, have a big a4 paper where I wrote down my salary and I start dividing it in: HOUSE LOAN, HOUSE EXPENSE, FOOD, SAVING, INVESTING and FUN, this was the best idea for me, because i was spending on fun more than my house loan and at the end of the month i was asking myself why i have no money, what I do wrong, oh financial education, decades spent in school and nothing worth about money side.

I invest 100$ every month on dividend stocks, the safest ones, there is a league of dividend aristocrats that have been paying dividend for decades 20 – 30 and more years, and even increasing them. I play the most safe bet on it, 100$ will give me 3-4 dollars per year, I KNOW, it s exact what i said too, it s small, it s time spent on nothing, NOPE it s not, I just have to search on google companies that are good to invest for dividend, reach the safest one (there are risks too, but, lose money to make money, but if you put your stop/loos for 10%, you will only lose 10%) and invest monthly, WHY NOT? Because it s not much money, not even an mc trip. Ok, but this is not for fast money, it s about 5 or 10 years, that is long term investment. You will win from dividend and from company grow, and investing regulate you will grow your portfolio and have get experience and maybe make a good call after 2-3 years, it s all about you!


How I feel after some time on investing in dividend! I was exact like you, saying is too little, but what i did? I start to make money from another sources and invest all in those dividend stocks. So i have my main source of income, my paycheck and some sides, it s not much but it s a front step. So, in conclusion i have 3 sources to invest in my dividend stock: PAYCHECK, SIDES and DIVIDENDS, think about doing this for 5 years, add and add, maybe in 5 years i could buy a new house for me or for making money out of it, It s all about start, you have to start small and you will grow big, how big? It depends on yourself, how much work you put in it, how persevering you are!

I hope this article helped you or give you nice time on reading about my experience, help me with a share and let spread it. Thank you


Eduard Andrei

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