Comedy SHOT #4

Overdose pf pizza make Europeans to talk with hands


After lot s of people did not respect medical recommendations on consuming pizza, and having sever with hands talking, They are having problem in their social network hurting other people and insomnia.

Our journalist, how had this problem in the past, Jeremy Pizzalover, talked with Frederico Spariziani former Mark Mery – ,, E ragazza, I can t understand what is the problem with me (In this time he is throwing hands but our journalist know how to handle it) ee, eee , eee I can t stay and talk with my wife or my kids, neighbours are not a problem because i don t like them. But ragaza, i told you, i cant sleep in night, i throw my blanket away, about sex i can t say it s different, i used my hand in the future too, ee! ,,


We talk with Iulius Armaneic too, he is at the beginning of the disease – ,, I don t now i just ate 3 days in a row pizza, because my wife is out of town and i had to survive from frozen pizza until she got home. But when i taste some homemade food a had an outbreak and i start throwing things, start screaming and by that night my 3 fingers are cross, see? SEEEE? How i will live like that! I can wear just blue jeans and undershirt, see? Here, on my chest, i never had hair, look at me now, i m like a carpet! I tried to eat only homemade food, but nothing happen, i think i will go to Italy and make a new life there,,


This a pamphlet and treat it like that. Let s laugh a little bit!

Eduard Andrei

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