Money for you

In those time s we all are scared about how we will take back our savings! Lot s of people lost their saving from lot s of reasons, some lost their job or a family member lost it, or your paycheck was cut and you expenses can t be covered by it. I know, i have lots of friends that are struggling now to make their saving back! Ok, i made this introduction for you to now why i write this and why i will promote this product, service or maybe freelancing platform, name it as you will!


The idea behind this article is how you can make money from you hobby. I know, there are lot s of people saying this and that, without any explanation, I mean, ok, i tell you about this product and you go see what it is, maybe buy it and now what? There is were most of article end. But not this, here i will give you reasons and explanation about how to make money for you!

This site, that i am promoting, is a platform where you upload you best photo and magazine, advertisers, companies, books etc… will buy it and you will take their money, you don t need to be in a certain country, it works world wide. This thing resolve one problem, that you are not stuck in a certain country like another platforms like that, that have this problem.


Why I say this is a good idea to make money for you? It s not for everyone, it s not for me, because i m not a traveler and i m not a photograph. But if you are one of those or both, this is a catch and why not? I can t find reasons why not making an account in this platform and maybe make some pocket money, have a nice portfolio of picture and maybe, how know, make a job out of it. Take this scenario, you have 20 years in collage and want some more pocket money, in many collage there are cheap or free photo courses where you are given an camera or maybe you have one, or a good phone ( but you need to edit it, be serious you wanna make money out of your phone camera? It s not that easy, making money is never this easy, you need to work a little bit) and start to make professional photo that you can save on your computer and that s it, or you can make an account on this platform and upload them in it and wait, if you have… let say 50 nice niche photo about I don t know, what is popular today, there will be an magazine, or adviser that will take one or two or ten photo for you, BUM money for you! But this is not all, you got reviews and be sure that you are in that adviser data base and when he will search for something the company will search on what you upload too.

In conclusion, why not? For few bucks monthly you can be registered on this platform and let your photo work for you, let your hobby make money for you, don t let those amazing photos in the computer and forget about them, upload them in the platform and let them work for you. Start small, and after making money out of this, you can invest them like how I do from my side hustle, read more about how I invest my money in this article about how to invest with little money!


Thank you for reading. Help me with a share if you like it and spread it.

Eduard Andrei

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