Deer horns car hunting

Comedy SHOT #5

In the center of E.U states lot s off anti deer horns on cars activists have a meeting, lot s of them are old hunters. They are very upset by the idea of deer horns on cars, our journalist talked with some of them and this are the reaction. J.J Blindsquack said – ,, I don t understand this trend, why would you like to be shoot on the streets by me or other hunters. I love hunting by i m old and i can t travel in forest like i did when i was 30 years old. Sometimes i use my wife to pleasure myself, i make her wear deer horns and i follow her with a nerf gun, this thing to be just behind us, it s the only thing that can give me pleasure form her… ,,


Police is full of reported shot on more and more cars around the E.U state, one police officer said to us – ,, Those cases are growing year by year, we can t control them, we can t restrict hunting or deer horns on cars, maybe they can change with some bull horns or something if they like to have it, something much worse happen when some zoophile start having sexual behavior with cars… this thing is going places if we don t find a solution, many people with that kind of decorative start to put hot sauce on the evacuation pipe of the car to stop zoophile to… you know, making love with cars”

For some people the sexual behavior is not a problem Franklin said to us – ,, I don t have a problem about this if i don t see it, it s ok, my evacuation pipe was never as clean as now,,.

But zoophiles are having hard times too, Ronald Deertod said – ,, I don t know what is happening with me, i know it s a car but… but i can t stop, i only see a beautiful deer but inside me i know it s a car, i just can t stop. I like them to be warm, so i stay in parking lots and when i see one it s parked i wait until owner is in the shop and i have the best moments of my life with that car. I even let my number on the windscreen,,


This a pamphlet and treat it like that. Let s laugh a little bit!

Eduard Andrei

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