Politics and people

In the last few months many people were out on the streets, but why? I don t think that all of them know the real reason. After this pandemic, we all search for a ,,tribe,, we search for a group to be part of it is in our nature, that s why we survived, because we used this social group, we can t stand being alone, we need confirmation and membership in some group. And that s why we don t really think about what is this group and we go with the flow. It s nothing wrong about it, like i said it s our nature.


The real problem is that we don t pick our fights, or we pick but we pick the wrong fights. Please think about that, when you go into something take few steps back and look at you, at group and the environment, is this about you? Is something that you believe, you did your research about it? If not, go home, use the internet, books any information that you have access on.

Is very important to pick our fights because we believe in them, and we know about them, we understand it. We have to understand what we do, stop being pushed by the group, act in the knowledge of the situation. That s why we are not where we want to be, because we let another people to chose our fights and we win, if we win, just for them, not for us, we are just a pawn. If you want to be the king of your fight, research it, please!


Save the future by thinking and researching it on your own

Eduard Andrei

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