Why facebook?


How facebook helped dumb to be dumper

Okay, we are here, i was thinking about if i should write about this or not and about how much people will be offended by it. But fk it, i have to say something and it s my blog, you don t like it? You fell offended? It s ok, be offended i don t have to care about that, go in your bubble and stay there, please!!!

I’m done with facebook, i mean the comments section, where all kind of people are there, typing and typing bullshit, it s like kids saying crazy things but much worse because they are not kids they are adults, and the level of stupidity it s all time HIGH, why? And what facebook, twitter and another platforms have to do with this? Let s go some decades back in time and think about our friends groups, we all have one or two friends which, let s say were not the smartest, but somehow they understood this and it was alright for them. They were there and listen to how know about the subject, and in their stupidity they understood something and rise their knowledge, they did not stay in that stupid bubble, dumb bubble, say it as you like!


But now? There are no more those groups, because the dumb friend now have a facebook group where all of dummies gathered together and form that dumb bubble, but they don’t know that!!!! There is a problem, there is no one in that group to say – ,, Shut the fuck up Mike, you are so stupid, how you can say that? Do your fking research and know about what you talk about! Don t throw words in the wind!” And this is the problem, in those gropes all dumbasses get courage, courage to speak about things that they have 0 info about. Don t understand me wrong, it s ok to have ideas, it s perfectly right to make brainstorming. But them, in their dumbass bubble are making shitstorming. And the problem is not that, ok, shitstorm in your little bubble, eat it, throw it and eat it again, and don t make kids, stay in that bubble, please!

The real problem is that they are going online and type and type and type all over the internet, about everything and anything, and they have no fkin idea about what they are talking. And normal people read this, and see that are lot s of people say the same thing, because the dumbass bubble stay unite, they are like a tribe in the jungle, no one can go away from the group because is possible to learn that he is stupid and overcome his condition, and the bubble may explode. But they are here, lot s of them, in any section of the internet throwing shit, and if you search for something, maybe in rush, maybe you need it now, what you do? You write what that dumbass wrote! And worse of that by writing in every section of the internet they are recruit another dumbass and their bubble get bigger!


But i think this is done, is too late to do something about it, we can t shut them down, and that s how dumbass will run the internet, and form the little groups where they were shitstoming they managed to overcome the internet, and now, we have to go to little groups and brainstorm, or talk, or anything.

So, if a dumbass read this, don t feel offended by this, overcome your stupidity, come to the sunny side, read a book, do research about what you talk, stop believe in everything you were told DO YOU RESEARCH and form many sources, not just one. Be informed, the population is dumber year by year, and that s not good for us. So please, share this article in your bubble, let s stop this!

Eduard Andrei

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