The Artist


Chapter 1 – Page 10

 She wakes up on her legs, handed me the glass of wine!

L          -Ok, you can finish this by the time I’m getting ready!

She goes in the bathroom with her clothes and I was poker face… I was mute for a few minutes… what just happened… when she goes up she smiled at me, with that sexy smile and she winked at me! This girl really like to play with me, she drived me really crazy. I put myself another glass if wine and fired up a cigarette and go to the window… i was sweating and my legs were shaking a little bit! I was a little frustrated but more elated, i did not ever meet a girl how can give me this kind of feeling! I hope i will not fell in love with her becuse i’m sure she will make anyting from me…

L          – Okay, I’m ready!

M        -You look gorgeous!

L          -Thank you…

Maybe she want to avoid what just happen? I should stay in this game and act cool. I will say nothing about this too… this girl how seems simple at the beginning became now more complex in her being. Hmmm, maybe she like me, maybe I am just a game for her. I think I should be careful and don’t fall for her. But anyway I will enjoy this kind of game, she look pretty smart anyway so in conclusion this will be a nice and exiting game of maybe love, maybe just sex. I really can’t say what it is. But it’s just the beginning of the story I should make some strategies too, if she is fire I will be the ice for her.

L          -Sarah is downstairs waiting for us, let’s go!

M        -Let me call Jack! … Jack, hi! Where are you?

J          -In our room with Bill, having a drink before the party, come have one with us? Or are you having some business?

M        -No, I’m good! I will come with Lorely and Sarah!

J          -Fine! Mase!

M        -Uh?

J          -Buy me a pack of cigarettes, okay?

M        -Fine! …Let’s get Sarah and go to my room, there is Bill and Jack!

L          -Fine!

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The Artist


Chapter 1 – Page 9

She was already shaking, I almost was shaking too… I was full of impatience! I felt like I can’t resist anymore on this teasing!

She tore my shirt down… and start pushing in my chest with her boobs… and keep saying slap my ass!

L          -Harder Mase, be a man! Take my harder!

I took her in my arms, and put her on the table and lay her on her back and start to kiss her boobs and grab her legs, I started to kiss her belly, round and round and round!

L          -You like to tease, don’t you?

M        -We both like this… don’t we?

She didn’t let me go down on her… she push me on her bed and she got on hers knees and start to kiss my chest!

L          -I’m in charge in this room!

M        -Be careful, you may lose control

L          -Maybe I will!

By the time she was kissing my chest with one hand she was unzipping my jeans!

M        -Are you having fun?

L          -Mhm…

She started to go down and up, down and up on me… she was teasing me so hard, this will be really good! She came up on me and stared to kiss me and whisper in my ear!

L          -Do you want me?

M        -Yeah!

L          -How hard!

M        -You already felt how hard I want you.

She goes again on her knees and started to kiss my chest and go down and more down! She was kissing me at the edge of my jeans and pull them down!

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The Artist


Chapter 1 – page 8

L          -Ok, I finish mine… let me pour you another one in the time I chose what to wear!

M        -Fine!

She hand me the gals and open the wardrobe she take out few clothes… and she drop of her shirt, she stays naked with the back to me…

M        -Aren’t you going in the bathroom?

L          -You don’t like what you see?

M        -I really like!

And I was really in loved with what I see, she has a perfect round ass, her slim waist and her slowly moves… she was doing that on a purpose, she was letting me to see her boobs but just a little… in room was just a red light left open I was seeing her more in shadows.

L          -Come closer!

I came closer to her, my heart beats faster… I know what will happen!

L          -Grab my waist and pull me closer to you!

By the time I touched her waist and I pull her closer to me she makes a little moan…

M        -Was to hard?

L          -No, kiss my neck please!

Ok, I stared kissing her… she was smelling like vanilla, how did she know I like this? I start to move my hand on her belly, her skin was so soft and she was slowly moving in my arms and with one hand she was pulling me harder in her…

L          -Bite me slowly, sir!

After the first bite she  starts moaning really hard and push harder in me, I grab her boobs, and start playing with her nipples… she turn around and started to kiss me hard!

L          -Grab my ass and squeeze it hard, give me some slaps! She stared to moan much harder, she started to sweat, she was pulling my hair and make go down on her boobs and I started to suck and softly bite them!

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The Artist


Chapter 1 – Page 7

I don’t know… he must be with Bill. Mhm, I have to go to lorelay’s room. I knocked at her door and she opened it, she was wearing just a large shirt… I already make movies in my head.

L          – C’mon step in, why you stay like that? You don’t like my shirt?

She was saying that with a sexy voice, she was trying to mess with my head, and it’s working my heart already stared to beat faster!

M        -I like it! But you have something more?

L          -Do you want to see more or what?

M        -I was just making conversation!

We both laugh. She hand me a bottle of red wine…

L          -Open it, I don’t know what kind of drinks will be at party and I prefer to do my homework at home.

M        -Give me the opener!

I think she planned this, the opener was in the highest place from the closet! When she stretched after him, her shirt goes all the way up and I saw that she was not wearing any underwear… I know she planned this.

L          -Help, don’t you see I can’t reach it?

She know by the beginning she won’t reach it… this girl really like to mess with me, but ok, I will go with her play.

M        -Step aside…

L          -No, get over me and reach it, be a man!

By the time I was going for the opener I can feel how she touch and grab my cock, in time she was pushing against me… I stayed a little longer to see where she will go…

L          -C’mon, are don’t find it?

M        -I find it, did you find what you wanted?

L          -Mhm…

I took the opener and opened the bottle, I pour 2 glasses of and we start to drink, we don’t discuss about what happened when reaching the opener, we discus about nothing, was more an eye to eye connection…

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The Artist

Chapter 1 – Page 6

L          -Hmmmm… can my friend Sarah come too?

M        -Yes, no problem.

L          -Good, when?

M        – Bill! The hour?

B         – 9 PM!

M        -Around 9 PM!

L          -Okay, are you coming to take me, ok?

M        -Okay!

L          -Come around 8, help me chose what to wear!

M        -No problem! Bye!

L          -Bye!

J          -What she said?

M        -She said yes, but she will come with a friend, Sarah!

B         -Good, I like Sarah!

M        -Yes, I go at her room at 8 to help her chose clothes…

J          -Yeah  ,,CHOSE,, nice nice!

We were all laughing! After a few minutes Bill go in his room! And I put myself to sleep for a few hours! I woke up at 4 PM and in my head was just Lorelay and her invitation to her room! I will get it I know that! It’s just 4, more 4 hours I can’t wait, what to do what do… I go and eat something after that I go out of my room, take a coffee and a cigarette! By the time I was smoking, in my thoughts appeared that picture I saw in the painting room, and for a couple of minutes i was stuck on it! I don’t know why, it was something, that color really fascinated me, and make me mystified about how alive was that color… and why not the school didn’t sell it? I don’t remember to see that kind of color anywhere. I came back to my room and start search for that color, I was in need to satisfy  my curiosity, by the time I was searching I saw that it was 6.30 PM and I end my search, I found nothing today, I will ask Mis. Golthin about the picture. Ok, I have to go to Lorelay in few time, i have to eat something and take a shower, Jack is still out of room, where is this guy?

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