The Artist


Chapter 1 – page 5

L          -Nothing new…

M        – Look at the knife… look at the blood on and under it!

L          -Yeah… it have to be some oil color, something new!

M        -Yeah, maybe, but it’s really a living color. Maybe we will learn how to do it too!

L          -Ihm! I saw a lot of interesting thing here!

We hang out there for another 30 minutes and we leave! And we go to our dorms. Once I get in my room Jack was there it Bill and talk about a party that the seniors take tonight!

J          – But we are not invited so…

B         – It’s not a problem I knew a few guys there and we can go! Trust me! What you think Mase? Are you coming!

M        – Of course! But can I invite someone?

B         -Let me guess, Lorelay!

M        -Yeah, it’s ok?

B         -Yes, do you have her number?

M        -Fuck, I forget to ask for it!

B         -Let me give it to you, give me your phone!

M        -Thank you!

B         -Go, call it, don’t let her to make another plans!

M        -I call her now! Hi, Lorelay, It’s me Mase!

L          -Hi Mase, I didn’t remember to give you my number? Who gave it to you?

M        -Bill!

L          -Okay. What’s up?

M        -Nothing. Bill tell me about a senior party and I was thinking if you want to come!

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The Artist


Chapter 1 – page 4

The classroom was open so we step in. It was a big room, with a lot of light in it, all painting stuffs were very well arranged I felt like in a museum, like a kid in a museum… I wanted to touch everything from there. I didn’t think about painting one second in my life.

I was looking at Lorelay, she was enchanted by a picture with one lady who has a sword in her hand and a hugging a baby… maybe her maternal instincts spikes in.

M        – You have full 10 minutes standing in front of this picture!

L          – Shhhh! Just pay more attention and you will understand me!

M        -Ok…

Ok, it was not just that, in back of that woman, painted in shades were some figures, all they make me think of was, depression, anxiety, screams… ok, this picture maybe hit me to hard… oh, in the sword tip was a sun, maybe it’s all about how hard it’s for a mother, maybe a single mother to raise a kid… maybe!

By the time she was still watching that picture I found out one that catch my attention too. Was in the back of the class, it was a painting of a woman with a red dress, with white hair, blue eyes and a knife in her hand, she was laying on a piano, and the piano was in ballroom i think. But she was smiling… that smile, kind cute but something gives me chills about it! I take it in my hands and turn it around it was a name on it’s back Hennry Schol… was erased. Ok, I put I back to his place and continue to watch it, I saw something intriguing.

M        – Lorelay! Lorelay!

L          -Yes!

M        -Come here, please!

L          -Yes! What?

M        – Look at this picture!

L          – Ok, I’m looking! What’s about it?

M        – Look closer!

L          – I didn’t catch it!

M        -Look at the colors!

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The Artist


Chapter 1 – page 3

J – Good job mate, already loosing some wild party… but a man have to do what a man have do to… you get it!

M – yeah, I will get it (we were both laughing)

It was Sunday morning, I was in front of our dorm drinking a coffee and smoking a cigar and I saw Lorelay crossing by!

M- Hey! Lorelay!

L- Oh! Hi Mase, what are you doing?

M – Nothing, a coffee. Where are you going?

L- I go to our painting classroom, I need to see how it is! Do you want to come with me?

M- Yes. Just wait to finish my smoke. So, i have to ask you about that.

L – Sure, go ahead!

M- Why did you chose law if you like to paint…

L- Oh, it s just a passion, I can t see my self making money out of it. It’s just something that help me to express my self with.

M- I understand. ( Maybe it won t be so bad if I will develop a hobby)

L – Are you done?

M – Yeah, let’s go, you know where it is?

L – yeah, it s in the main building.

M- Ok!

Here we are, in the main building looking for the room. It was a big building with lots of windows very bright, with a lot of pictures, I guess they were some builders of this and people who absolve it! By the time we were searching for the room I was more and more enchanted by her beauty, her voice, her moves… I guess this will be a hard crush, I didn’t think about myself that I could fall for someone like that. But the time will say what it will be between us.

L – Look, here it is!

M – Mis. Golthin… I guess she will be our teacher!…

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The Artist


Chapter 1 – Page 2

That’s the short story about how me and Jack managed to get in the law university. The summer have pasted, we said goodbye to our fella and get in the train with all of our stuff, clothes, laptop, guitars. Five hours of train trip, yeah… we were the end of the train line so we had plenty of room in train, we chose our seats, put our stuff together and that it was. By the time our train was stopping at station more and more teens are getting in, the environment became more fun, there were a group of 8 in the back of the train, they were drinking some beer, have a guitar, they were singing.

  • This will be rly fun, Jack, don t you think?

J – Yeah, wait a minute, him in the back with the guitar is not Bill?

  • Bill? Yeah, oh man, is he, let s go and say hi!

    J  – Bill! Bill! How are you mate?

  B- Hey guys, glad to meet you, what are you doing, where are you guys going?

  • We are going to Law University! Where are you going?

B – Are you kidding me? I get in there too. Oh guys this will be awesome!

There in the back, was a dark haired girl, with some bright blue eyes… damn, i guess this will be my first crush and I m not even in the Uni.

B – Let me introduce you guys to my friends. Guys this is Jack and Mase!

M and J- Hi nice to meet you all! I won t say about their names cause I barely can remember, it was way to much beer and way to much road… if you understand! So here we are, me and Jack in our dorms, unpacking…

J – So… I saw you and Lorelay ,, Lorelay is the dark haired girl,, talking in the train, what s up, you little Casanova!

M – Yeah… I was, she s nice mate, I guess I found my first crush

J  – keep yourself it s our first year, you know what I mean.

M- I know. SHIT!

J – What?

M- I remembered that I told her I like to paint, I will go with her at this after class painting something…

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The Artist


Chapter I – page 1

Here, in my town, more like a village with some towers, you can stay and live peacefully, with your wife, kids, grandparents… you can get a nice job, live, procreate and die. But this wasn’t for me, I don t say that I didn’t like my town, I love it, here I drank my first beer, been with my first girlfriend, make a lot of memories, have a lot of friends, you know. I just need to try something new, just to taste what a big city is.

So, me and my good mate Jack decided to make a big step and go to the law University. Let me tell you few about Jack, he is my best pal, I meet him in the early days that me and my parents moved in this city, I was five or six years old, he live across the street and we meet by time I was helping my parents to move some stuff by the truck, he offered to help me, after that we take my toys and play in my front yard, that’s by short our meet story. We stayed friends, we’ve been in the same classroom by the time I was 6 till today.

 So here we are at the final year, our graduation party, with all of ours palls contemplating, after a few drinks, about how short was this school, about how we should get some jobs, marry and stuff like that. Jake and I didn’t manage to tell them that we are going to law school together, so we decided to tell them that night, we were pleased by their support and encouragement.

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