The Artist

Chapter 1 – page 11

M        -Jack, think it fast!

J          -Thanks! Hey girls, how are you? Ready for party?

S          -Yeah, maybe will not be something with drunks guys trying to get on us! I hate this kind of parties, I just want to have fun, it’s my first Uni party, I won’t get fucked by the first day!

L          -I think you take drinks a little early!

S          -Maybe… but I really mean what I say, I really need to have some fun! I was working all my summer to buy me a car!

B         -Did you buy that car?

S          -Yeah…

Jack was filling some glasses and serve all of us…

L          -Oh I don’t think it’s good, I already have one glass of wine, I’m not much of a drinker

J          -C’mon, just this with us, we have to cheer up our first party, don’t jinx it!

L          -Okay, okay, just one!

B         -So, Sarah, if you have that car maybe we can do some trips too!

S          -Of course, that’s was the idea of buying it, to ride your lazy ass!

We are all laughing and cheating and pouring shots after shots! Maybe Lorelay refused to drink the first glass, but maybe she catch the taste and starts doing shots like us… maybe it’s not a good think but I start feeling dizzy too! And that dizziness make me look more at Sarah than Lorelay, maybe because Sarah it’s more talkative but Lorelay have her charm, her mystery… let’s see how this night will and.

B         -Let’s go, the party already begun!

J          -Oho, we already have our academic quarter!

B         -Yes, it’s the time were the party starts going lit!

M        -It’s far? We should take a cab?

B         -Yep I already called for one should be here in few minutes!

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Why so fast?

Stop! Stop it now…

Give me your atention now. Breath!

Slow in, slow out!

Lay down, look around! You are alive!

Please, don’t forget that, just look out

The fortune that you are spending,

Be aware, youth it’s once!

Reckless man, don’t be blind, fuck the daily stress… let him go straight to hell!

Kiss somone, hug someone!

Hell it’s not when you die!

Hell is us…

Hell is us when spending youth reckless.

Tell me boy, girl, man, woman… are your fortune forever? You can make money, houses, cars, THINGS!

But tell me now… how you make time? How you win it? How you colect it?

Oh you little kido… time is time…

We can’t colect it!

We can’t win it anymore,

We win it once!

Just be happy, make it worth! Spend it with joy on your face. Just smile when you wake up!

Smile you little kido!

But in few hours you will die

Yes i will, but with a smile!


I remember this day like it was yesterday… who i’m fooling here :))? I barely remember that day… was the first day out of 3. I was drinking so much those days, but hey don’t blame me, it was my first time at the see ,,Vama Veche”. So, picture me in the train, with 2 girls… one of them was the girlfriend of o friend and the other one was a cute, blondish, funny girl… yes you catch it i had a crush on her, you can’t blame me, she was… she was… . Anyway we were in the train so we had in front of us 6-7 hrs of railway, in train i wasn’t doing much, i drink 3-4 beers, have some chat i was a little clumsy because meh… the crush. BTW i didn’t said that 5 more friends were coming but they were living in another city so we got to meet them at the accommodation. So look at use, we just arrived, we meet, we unpacked our stuff in rooms and we go down at the bbq, we ate, we chat, we drunk until 9 PM. At 9 PM we dress up an go to the BEACH… man… my first interaction with the see… man i was having no words, so beautiful… so much peace… so much students, just fun my man, just fun. OK, so we find a place on the beach, brought some whisky bottles and some juice, and chat, drink, chat, drink… until 11 PM when the party start up on the beach, loud music, a lot of people… the beach was full, FULL listen to me… we had a lot of different kind of music rock, trap, soft rock, reggae any type for your type. By the time goes away… at 3 or 4 PM something like that it begins to be really chili so we head up to a BIG bonfire, but a fking big one, a lot of people around it, A LOT man a lot, trust me… they were stealing chairs, tables, some of them were trowing they’r clothes… only boys, not the girls… meh pussies :)). So look at me staying around the fire, dizzy with a little bit of courage start a 1 to 1 chat with that blondish… some smart jokes, hi hi hi ha ha ha, things were nice in my head and nicer after one boy with his guitar starts playing some love song, i can’t remember… but i can remember, NO i can picture me, if i had talent i’d start to draw it… i was with the bottle of whisky at my mouth and the blondish girl lay her head on my hand… man… nice nice… the rest of 2 hours i can’t remember… one of our friend said that we were started dancing again olololololoo. But what i can remember it is me, on the beach of the village where we had the accommodation, naked, going in the water and the girls screaming ,,OOOOOO is that a snake, OOOOO” nope… it was not that it was ,,COME BACK YOU ARE TO DRUNK” but in my mind i was something like ,,fuck it, my first time at the see, and i will do it” and i do it… but 01.05 MAY water was really cold outsider were 6-7 Celsius… maybe more maybe less. I take some salty water, i get out form the sea, girls help me dress up, i took few steps and throw up… drunk boy, salty water… Ok ok ok, i make a memory so it was worth it. After i throw up, after they stop laughing we go home… one step up two step back… once we were home, girls take care of me, gave me some pills to not catch a cold… and after that pill i can t remember nothing than the shower and the bad… and it was 7 PM something…. that was 01/05/2019…