Self Esteem

Here we are, in today’s topic i’m gonna talk about self esteem from my point of view, a man point of view, but girls you can read this to know what it’s on our mind ,,Every war was won with inside intel,,

I won’t say that i became a pro, i still have my problems but i can manage them, i can overpass them. To have a improved self esteem it’s not something you are born with, it’s not something you train or evolve or i don’t know, you don’t train for it, you just have to realize that you ain’t gonna live forever and every second without action it’s a lost second, maybe my little poem will help you to realize how important time it is.

From my point of view you should put yourself a single question ,,why i don’t take action?,, . Maybe you will say ,,I’m to ugly for that girl,, ,,What people will say if i fail,, etc… those are only society excuses. ,,I’m ugly,, gosh i really hate when people say this, i was saying this my self all the time ,,I won’t ask her out cause i’m too ugly and she will say no,, that’s not how it works, trust me! The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and trust me this thing is real.

Let me tell you a story about me and my low self esteem that ruined a relationship for me, and all because of me, that girl really liked me and was good material, just read!

So, i was with one of my friends in one club, were we meet some girls, we dance we drink and i go outside to smoke a cigarette with one of them. I was drunk and full confident, you know… after few drinks our confidence goes up! So, i was talking with her, saying good jokes, hints and all that stuff, all god, at the end of the night we kissed (btw she wasn’t drunk because she was not drinking that night) so it was not just a drunky hook up. The next day we talk, we meet all nice and good, we managed to be together around 3 week until my low self esteem goes up, in my mine i was ”I’m to ugly for her” ”I’m not good” ”She will dump me” ”What will my friends say if she dumb me” only that shit was in my head. And after couple of days after those bullshits come out my mind i left her… why? Because of my insecurities!

Oh, let’s get back a little at the point i was talking about drinking and confidence, THAT’S NOT HOW YOU DO IT!!! Trust me it will only make you feel more low self esteemed, when you will be sober you will have more insecurities and you will think that only some booze will help, AND TRUST ME, IT WON’T! I tell you from experience, i been there, and it’s a point that you will not wanna be, just trust me!

Maybe in this point you will say that you already know this things and i did not help you with anything and i should give you back those few minutes that you spend reading this. If you already tried a those thing i said. Just think about what i will say ,,If you fell that you are not good enough for you, you will not think you are good for anybody,, that thing helped me a lot. Just forget about all people, take 3-4 months foe yourself, go to gym, take a diet, read more do some things that you think will improve your self and after 2-3-4 months be like the phoenix bird, reborn from you own ash!!

To improve your self esteem depends just on you, you shall break that social wall that keep you away form what you want! And don’t be scared about mistakes, about shame, about denial, about refuse. Those thing are part of our life and we should learn to live with them, and hug them.

I wish that my experiences will be helping you, will help you understand that the power is in you! Thank you for reading this. And if i was capable to help you, share to help another people too! Thank you!

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