Body shaming – and how you get over it

In today’s topic i will point out my opinion about ,,Body shaming,, and why you really should not accept it around you. In nowadays a lot, but a lot of people don’t give a dime about what somebody really is. More and more people put tags on ,,Is fat,, ,,Is ugly,, etc… And from that point nothing else meter. But why? Because nowadays a lot of people don’t really know what mater for a long time relationship or friendship! I’ve been in the position of being criticized about how i look and shits like that!

What is this in my opinion a problem? It’s not because there are people who put tags and all they care is how you look, those people will be forever and we can do nothing about it! The real problem that i want to point out (and was my problem too) is that you start to believe in them and not in yourself, you will constantly try to go up at their terms! This will drive in losing your really self, you will forget about what it’s making you unique and in the final you will be an empty soul some kind of modern society pattern… if you want to be like that, it’s good, it’s you choice! But let’s finish and maybe i will make you think about it!

If you are in the situation i described up there, read here what i did to get over ,,body shaming,,

First let me tell what opened my eyes. In a summer day i meet with high school girlfriend, we didn’t meet for about 3 years, i was very happy to see her. She wanted to grab a beer in one of our old pub were i used to go almost every day, a pub full with interesting, friendly, smart people. And i was like… ,,I don’t go there anymore, you don’t see how are people there, how they dress, and how they look,, and she was like ,,Are you kidding, right?,, because i really missed her, i step over my mind and said ,,Yes, am kidding, let’s go,, . We arrived there and the barman recognized both of us, we chat a little bit and i was feeling so good, i was a lot to talk about with both of them, the conversation flow very easy… we took our beers to a corner table and start to chat, she was telling me a lot of nice, funny story and how much people she meet… i was not having those stories anymore. On short i had my most wonderful night in the past 2 years. In the morning, while i was drinking my coffee i was thinking about how i felt last night, how i did not give a damn about another people appearance and most important i did not give a damn about what those people think regarding my body, my look, cloths and things like that, they were interested just about what i can say, what i can do, what i am as a man! And from that day i stared to realize what i have lost in this time, and i changed my attitude… not after a lot of time, i started losing my ,,friends,, and start making new friends, and become again myself and start doing lot’s of thinks that i like, and meet more people, interesting people, people that i have lots of things in common! I simply stop carrying about my appearance, and i figure out i was a normal guy, a really cute one because like i said in my previous post ,,The beauty is in the eye of the beholder,,!

In to the end, what i want to say is that you should be yourself, anytime, do what you like and don’t give a damn about what another people think. You should care just about those people who really care about you and want you at your best, not some modern society patterns people. Life it’s to short to do what society want, and to look like a pattern and all bullshits like that, your time is the most valuable thing don’t lose it, read this and maybe will help you realize that our time is our fortune.

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